Download the New Firefox 20

The Mozilla company has released  Firefox 20 which would works like a charm with normal desktop machines and Android Phones and has added features which includes faster downloads with  private browsing sessions.

Lets start with privacy.With this new browser feature you are able to open a completely new window and you dont have to close the current session.


-You can be shopping for iphones in a private window , yet still be able to open another private session without closing the current session, it will not be affected.

-Another use is that you can check different emails all at the same time and still maintain existing browsing session.

Also added to Firefox 20 is that the download manager is easily accessed from the toolbar.That means that you can see all your downloads from the same window that you are browsing with.The download manager box allows for users to search for downloaded items,clear downloaded history, etc.

Note all these features are incorporated into the mobile version of Firefox 20 for Android which is available
through Google Play Store.

You can download Firefox for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android

Teen's Invention Could Create 20 Second Phone Recharge

Would  you believe me if i told you will that you would soon be able to recharge your mobile phone in a matter of seconds.That will soon be a reality because a young Californian teenage student and aspiring scientist have researched and developed a super capacitor which should ultimately allow your phone to be charged for a period no more than 20 to 30 seconds.

How to configure Telnet on a Cisco Router

What is Telnet?
Though this is not the safest network protocol for communicating with a router remotely, i will still
use it as an example here.Later down i will do a remote connection with a much more secure
protocol like SSH.Now let me explain to you what exactly is the Telnet protocol.The Telnet
protocol  allows you to remotely make a connection to another computer or computer device within the same network or outside of the network.Here in this tutorial we will connect to a router from a pc within the network.

Setup passwords on a Cisco routers

Providing that you would have already simulated the network enviroment while configuring the
router here, it is now time for you to put a password on the router so no one has access to it.Also I am of the opinion that you have packet tracer installed on your computer.Let`s get started..

Configuring Routers and Pc`s in Packet Tracer

Before you start this tutorial you will need to download Packet Tracer here:

Objective         : To give you a realistic idea on configuring a cisco router and networking it within
                          a network enviroment.
Skill Set           :A working brain.
Difficulty          :Easy
Virtual Tools    :Cisco packet tracer, Cisco router, two switches, four desktop machines.
For Whom      : My networking buddies.

I/O Denim Jeans are designed for your smartphones.

With so many different designs in jeans wear today : slim fit, close fit or just right fit for you,there is yet another design waiting for you to try and these are I/O Denim jeans.These jeans are not only hot but they are designed specifically for holding smartphones.

Update : Boston Terror Suspect Found, Brother Shot Dead.

Breathing a sign of relief i can gladly say that the police have capture the remaining Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.The 19 year old was found hiding in a boat in Massachusetts.He can consider himself lucky because his brother (other suspect) Tamerlan did not survive after being fatally shot by the police in an exchange of gunfire with law enforcement.The city of Boston which had shutdown and it`s people can now feel relief that they are no longer under threat from these men.

FBI : Suspects of the Boston Bombing

The FBI (Federal Investigation Bureau) has posted some CCTV images and videos on youtube of persons of interests.These individuals are suspects in the Monday attack at the Boston Marathon.

What i have been up to..

For a little while i haven`t posted ant thing, this was dued to me preparing for my trip in India.Today i will show you some pictures of what exactly i have been up to in India.I do hope that you enjoy...

At Rose Garden in Chandigarh, India..

Facts on solar power

Today if you look around you will realize that the planet Earth which we live on is full of many enviromental issues.These problems which includes pollution and global warming contribute significantly to the way the Earth is changing everyday.Though this might be an issue,they have always been a solution to the problem and this solution lies in solar power.It`s just that people have not been fully realizing it`s importance and benefits.